Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chinatown In LA

It's hard for me to believe sometimes that there are areas of Downtown Los Angeles that I haven't visited yet. But I set out to for one that I've been wanting to see for many years. I decided on checking it out after seeing an article in the AAA magazine for Orange County, Westways, and they had an article showing different spots to check out in Downtown LA. They were Little Tokyo Restaurants, Art galleries in old Chinatown Store fronts, and an old fascination of mine, Old Theaters in Downtown LA.

The window of the Metro Blue Line train I took into town.

Chinatown is the area just north of the 101 Freeway and right below Chavez Ravine (aka Dodger Stadium, the inferior LA Baseball team). Its a very unique location for sure. The area started off as Little Italy. In fact there is still a standing building smack in the middle that was one of the more popular Italian restaurants of from that era.

There is a neat little shopping center in the center that has several shops with a WIDE variety of items, cool little hole in the wall restaurants, and other decorations to make the place look authentic.

That area was probably the most interesting of the whole Chinatown section. There were some other interesting places like the store you buy poultry at. much of the popular sights such as the cool entrance on Hill has now been impeded by tall buildings.

But thats what happens in the 2nd largest city. If you see sky, there must be something wrong.

Chinatown in Downtown LA is well worth the 5 second Metro Gold Line ride from Union Station. You won't find many other places like it. The only other chinatowns that could compare or be even better are the ones in New York and San Francisco, but that's just my opinion. Check it out.

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