Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yashica Mat EM Test Roll 1

I picked up a Yashica Mat EM on Ebay a week ago and when it came in the mail I decided to run a test roll through it before I went on my big shooting extravaganza in Hollywood this past weekend.  Unfortunately for me, from the results I got I wont be able to tell if I will be able to use it all for my big portfolio project.

When I got the camera in the mail, I was checking out some important issues such as all of the knobs and buttons along with timing a couple of the shutter speeds. It turns out the shutter was sticking on every setting while the aperture and the focus knob were moving just fine. I looked up the issue on Google and found out it wasn't too difficult to fix the issue. 

After putting it back together I ran a test roll and here are the results.
This was the only one that came out some type of sharp, but when it was scanned that big light spot showed up that I didn't see in the negative.

This was just a throw away picture but came our really cool.
I think I'm just going to have to bracket with the focusing to see what the accurate distance on the focus knob. I'll be developing roll number 2 from the Yashica Mat on Tuesday, which should give me a better idea on how its working.