Thursday, March 7, 2013

Griffith Park Zoo

Not many people remember that the current LA Zoo is not the original location. When I was looking up hikes in my local area, I actually found that out. I'm only 30, so I wouldn't know it being anywhere different. The only zoos I knew of were the current LA Zoo, the Santa Ana Zoo, the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Aparently, some of these "ancient" (does 50 years count as ancient?) exhibits were used in the film Anchorman for the scene at the end where everybody was gathered waiting for the panda to give birth.

This hike kinda creeped me out a bit. I've gone to places where I can keep an eye on my surroundings to protect myself from trouble. Its one reason why I keep coming back to Downtown LA and Hollywood. There was graffiti on most of the ruins, which further developed my concern, and the darkend interior didn't help either. After I took the shot above, my fears subsided, but I remained ever vigilant.

When I first looked up the location, I was under the impression that the former zoo was closed in the early 30s, but they were closed in the mid 60s because of a public outcry of not enough space in the exhibits. The zoo was then moved to its current location, right off the 5 freeway where it intersects the 134 freeway. 

I was completely astounded while walking past the cages. They were still intact to the point where they looked usable even today! I saw some little kids playing inside a couple of the cages. They looked like they belonged. Little bastards......

The old zoo is a part of a couple of trails in Griffith Park. They both come together just above the carousel. The upper trail begain at the fence above. Just a few yards from the end of the lower exhibits.  

This trail did not lack in views. Let me tell ya. There were several vantage points that could impress anybody. On the way up the beginning of the trail, you follow what used to be a stream of some sort, The pipe above went underneath the main trail so you didn't have to walk through any water. The view below is an excellent sight of Glendale. Several cities are in that direction, but the tall buildings are in Glendale.

This trail is walked quite frequently. Many people made their own trails in several different spots. It didn't look like it mattered how safe it was either.

Below is a view of the lower trail. I took that one back to the zoo so I could check out some of the upper level exhibits that were closed off to the public. Somebody cut the fence. If you get out there, watch your step. Its blocked off for a reason. I have no problem trespassing though.

I was very reluctant to take pictures of any actual graffitti. I don't want to spread the haterade which is the whole point of the game. The pink and green used kinda threw me for a loop and I tossed all reason out the door. Well.... If there had been a door out there I most definitely would have tossed it out one.

I think the building below was the old Ape building. At least thats what it looked like to me. It was ALL tagged up.

This last picture is of the end point of a different trail called Bee Rock. I have several different shots from different spots. This one happened to be the best. I'm planning to walk that trail next time.

The Old Zoo trail is an easy walk for anybody. not many stairs to the exhibits and it is a must see!

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