Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Double Jump This!

Backside of the Hoover Dam, September 2011 - Pentax K1000 w/ SMC Pentax-m 50mm f1.7 Ilford HP5+ ISO 400

Nobody ever remembers the back side of the Hoover Dam. I think its the more interesting side. Unfortunately, we are stuck in drought mode here in the southwest, and as you can see, the water level is WAY down. This is probably the best shot I have ever done to show great detail in a dark area.

The title for this picture was the working title when I turned this in for a grade. I took this shot with the camera I bought for my first photo class. Not long after I took the shot above (around 10 minutes) the gears for the shutter advance froze up leaving me without a camera in Vegas except my crappy point and shoot. Well.... I know how to have fun damn near anywhere I go, so I made the best out of the rest of the trip.