Monday, September 10, 2012

Websites to Further Your Photography

Its the 21st century and books are starting to take a slow slide down and out. Where is a person able to get information on their field these days? Here's a good list of websites I go to whenever I have questions and read up on new technology and techniques.

APUG (Analog Photographers User Group)
Photo Tuts Information on techniques, How Tos, and Tutorials
Photo Attorney Photography from a legal aspect
Photoprenuer Business related information
Ken Rockwell General information and Real World experience General information and forums with a great amount of info
Camerapedia Information on camera models
Virtual Photography Blog Photography from the business aspect

Sites for ideas
I Still Shoot Film
Wonderful Machine Photography Blog
My Modern Metropolis

Sites for a good laugh
Awkward Family photos
Daily of the Day

Because pro wrestling is the coolest sport ever!

Best Podcast Ever
Adam Carolla Podcast

What sites do you guys check out for your inspiration in life?