Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

The posts over the last couple of weeks have really been out of my element. That's not a bad thing, since it helps me think differently than I normally do. And I say normally even though I know I tend to think abnormally. 

With the abnormal thinking, I usually end up in abnormal places. I went to one of the VERY few Japanese gardens that I could find in Southern California, The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, over at California State University Long Beach. I just recently heard about this place and saw that it was a free admission, and I love going to free places, as the frugal man I am.

While the park was not very big at all, they had it all. They had the rock garden, the flowing waterfalls, a gripload of carp, and even an authentic, but tiny, tea house. Lets take a stroll, Shall we?

It was an incredible experience, for sure. And I'm glad I finally was able to experience the real deal after seeing several of them on NHK World. If you are ever down in Southern California, I would highly recomend checking this park out. The parking is 5 bucks or, if you are lucky, there are coin machines in only a hand full of parking spaces. Admission is free and its closed on Saturdays, Also, I believe they offer tours and tea ceremonies. Take the kids and have some fun. Website Link