Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How do you Fall? Vista Del Valle Park

Like ever other part of the northern hemisphere, Fall has arrived. Well, if you look at the calendar, fall arrived on the 20th of September. But if you live here in Southern California, who are you really kidding. It just started about the week of Halloween. And, we've been getting rain or drizzle practically every week since.

This year, I wanted to actually see the colors of fall without having to drive way out of my way or to even fly to a different part of the country that actually experiences the four seasons of the year. So I shall spend this post and my next post viewing two different parks that had the colors of fall.

I used to drive the freeway to get home from work. About six months ago, Caltrans started a long project to widen the 5 freeway from Orange County to the 605 freeway. So, I've been relegated to driving the streets. Oddly enough, It takes me the same amount of time driving streets than it did driving the freeway. While on my way home, I've been driving past this park, Vista Del Valle Park. It looks kind of different since it is situated on a hill and you can't really see the majority of the park from the street. But I must be honest, most of this park was a dud, and it wasn't really worth visiting unless you'd like to let your kids run around or they have soccer/baseball practice over there. But I was able to find Fall in the trees and the bushes.

What do you guys like the most about this season?