Monday, January 7, 2013

Figueroa Mountain

Strange brews, after paying all of my dues, were awaiting me on my return drive towards the King's Road in Buelton, CA from my short and prosperous, and non haunted but kinda creepy, trip to La Purisima Concepcion.

I was turned on to this brewery in my travels in the upper reaches of California, when I stopped in Pismo Beach. I was searching for a taste of what the locals were offering. After a long and difficult choice of about three or four brands, I picked up a Hoppy Poppy IPA. The most important deciding factor was the label design. A good label can make or break a product, and it did for me that night.

Figueroa Mountain Brewery, a short drive off the main path, was an odd looking establishment. From the images below, one would believe that it is snug and deep in the middle of the wild, but in actuality, its smack in the middle of a suburban commercial center. The exterior was most reminiscent of Stone Brewery As was their seating area of their beer garden. Much more impressive than the winery right around the corner. Many changes have taken place since the most recent street views on Google Maps.

The inside  of the tasting room was incredible. It seemed to resemble a lodge of sorts. The bar area was designed to look like a building inside of a building.with galvanized corrugated steel sheeting and all. I was thoroughly impressed with the design of the interior. 

Here are the flights I tried from them. From left to right: Red Rock ESB, Danish Red Lager, Hurricane Deck DIPA, Stagecoach Stout.

They had a great lineup, and for the most part, they all tasted great. Some I liked more than others, and others I might have had my hopes set a bit too high. If you are ever in the Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo area, I highly recommend a stop by this great establishment. They have great prices and Its incredibly easy to get to on your way to or from Solvang. Unless you happen to live in the area, then I imagine, you've been there a few times.

Thanks for stopping by, and look for a continuation on my adventures on the El Camino Real.