Friday, January 4, 2013

Downtown Pismo Beach

Last week, I set out on a new adventure. One that brought me to new lands. Some I had been to previously, and others I could have only dreamed of visiting. Lands so vast and full, that all you can do is invibe the creations from the cask of a cellar. Lands so vast, you would think the smell of Chino, CA somehow managed to follow you there.

In between visiting these new lands of hills and bridges, some with gates of gold, I was working on a new project that I have been pondering for ages. Unfortunately, I am literally months away from seeing any outcome or end in sight, I will leave you with shots of wonder and glory from the streets of Pismo Beach. Where clams go to commit self genocide by raking

In the near future, I shall divulge more images from this most recent journey. Coming up next time, a stop at a brewery in Buelton, CA, Figueroa Mountain Brewery.