Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Christmas Time, Once Again,,, Wait its over???

Its been nearly a week since the passing of the grandest holiday in the world. I would like to share with you all a slice of it from an American point of view. I took a trip to the best place to describe Christmas here, some local shopping malls. I was a tad bit lazy, so I only went to two malls instead of the several I had in mind.

I went to the top two local malls for Christmas. I know it sounds kind of odd, but these are the two places that can make it happen. Oddly enough, they are the two malls that have all the stores with the expensive items. Well, it actually makes a bit of sense now that I think about it. These two malls are South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa and Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Unfortunately,  it was a few days after that maniac security guard shot like 50 rounds from his firearm. It ended up being a bit boring.

Sorry, by the end I was a bit bored with taking Christmas pictures that day and just got whatever looked interesting.

How is Christmas done where you live?