Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Do You Fall: Downtown LA

On November 11th, I took a day trip out to Downtown LA. As usual I took my preffered route of driving down to the Metro Green Line station in Norwalk, CA and transferring over to the Blue Line train. This trip was mostly dedicated to the 11-11-11 project, but I also had wanted to eat lunch in Little Tokyo.

The order of the pictures are the timeline of my walk across the dense metropolis. I got off the Blue Line station at Pico station, Cut down 11th Ave and then walked across on Broadway.

This is still probably my most favorite place to take pictures at and seem to find something new to shoot every time. Even walking in the same places I've shot before. I think I should bring my substandard point and shoot next time to switch it up.

Where is your most favorite place that you've taken pictures at?

One last note for today, I made my very first portfolio. I have the best of the best of my shots on there. I would very much appreciate if you'd check it out (Right Here) and let me know what you think, Good or Bad. Have a great week!