Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 on 12-12-12

On the same day as the Offical release of Stone's Vertical Epic 12-12-12, I undertook the challenge set on me from Susie from here. On the specified day of the month, you take the amount of pictures equal to the date. In this case 12, on the hour every hour for 12 hours. This was a difficult task for me because I actually had a decent amount of work to accomplish today. Here is a sane look to a quasi sane person moonlighting as insane.

My kitty Kyooki before I went to work. She is 16lbs btw and very heavy when she decides to sleep on your legs while your asleep.

First computer I had to work on today.

Here is our attick at my office. I've been having to mess with the network cables up here since we got some new switches.

Nice view of our parking lot. Unfortunately, my car does not make a cameo in this picture.

Ever wonder what an IT person's desk looks like? keep wondering, like we do. Its always messy.

Wonder what I was watching on my lunch break? Too bad it wasn't "The Best in the World". Just the Undertaker vs The Rock.

The clouds on my way home this afternoon.

A little after work recreation at my favorite brewery.

My bad ass guitar in between my favorite bands!

Spongers Unite!

The Nectar of the gods

I had one picture left, so why not take a shot of the dog. She hates cameras too.

God, I need a burger. I think Alcatraz is on my agenda later this week. If you're on the west coast, Drive safe in all of this rain. Slow down, the streets are slick for a day or two. I'll have my next set in a couple of days Thanks for stopping by.