Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Road That Lies Before Me

How many times in your life can you say that you know which road you must take? Its one of the most difficult realizations you must come to in your life. And you must also take the journey, or be stuck in purgatory.

Which road I must take I discovered this past winter. Around January or February, or so. It was where I was originally headed towards when I took my portfolio class around the same time. My road is currently leading me towards the old Spanish trail El Camino Real.

I'm not too sure why, I've been pulled towards this special road, but it is indeed a very interesting travel route. One could wish to have been able to traverse it when dirt was the main substance used when the road was created several hundred years ago. One reason might be the constant visuals of the lovely iron bells perched on top of the fifteen foot herding rods that are located in my hometown, Anaheim and its next door neighbor, Fullerton. Another would be the incredibly scenic tour through the majority of California's coastline. Either excuse it may be, in less than one week, that road will be my biggest challenge I have gone through to date.