Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Year Extravemaganza!!!

With the biggest Ric Flair "WOOOOOOOOOOOO" I can muster, I've made it. I beat the odds. More like I obliterated them!

One short year ago, I wanted to start taking more pictures for myself and to see if it would take me anywhere. I more than succeeded in the myself category and I haven't yet succeeded in the take me anywhere department. But the later does not matter. I ventured out into the world and I did something to my fullest extent and I never quit. Not once.

I kind of want to do a 2012 in retrospec. Everybody did that a few weeks ago when the new year began, but it didn't really make sense to me. Lets go through my most popular posts.

Downtown Orange International Street Fair

Yashica Mat EM Test Pictures

Toy Camera Shoot #1

Venice Part 1

Downtown Riverside

I determined that from the amount of page hits each one had. I just need to find out what made those pages so popular and try and fix them so they are indexed better.

This next post is the one that interested me the most. I wish I had gotten a hit from the CIA like Christ over at Bad Boy in Japan, but this one is bad ass regardless.

Wierd Stats

Some of the other places I've gotten hits from last year include

NBC Universal
UC Oakland, Office of the President

Along with at least a hit from 20 different countries at some point

Alright, I kinda want to end this post, that shall be redubbed "Most Retarded Post Ever", with a thanks to some peoples who helped show/share the love this year.

Chris, Susie, Kathryn, Joker, Will, Cameron, Natalie, Charlie, Kamo and Emily

Thanks for reading. 2012 was actually a good year for me. I hope 2013 continues the trend. You may now return to your normal broadcast.