Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Short Stay in the Windy City

Now when I say my visit was short, I mean it! The train pulled into the Union Station around 3:30 PM. and I left at 9:30 on a different train.

Late last year, I saw this incredible time travel movie called Source Code. The main characters were on a Chicago bound train that had a bomb on it. Well, at the very end, it showed the main characters visiting a giant metal structure that had an incredible view reflecting off of it. So I started up the Google search and finally found the structure which looks like a giant metal bean sitting in the middle of a post modern designed city park called Millennium Park.

I did a hell of a lot of research on where to go on my 6 hour stay (probably more research than I did for New York), but I still managed to not have enough time to see everything I wanted. Another killer place to check out is Buckingham Fountain, which was seen on the into to Married With Children. the water shoots up in the air damn near into space! Well, maybe not that high, but its still amazing. And watch out if you walk near the Hilton on Michigan Ave. There was some pointless protest going on that blocked off every street in the area, and apparently, they happen ALL the time over there.

Jay Pritzker Pavillion at Millennium Park

View down Monroe St

A reflection off of the "Cloud Gate" sculpture, AKA The bean

Three monuments in front of Buckingham Fountain. The one in the middle really looks like the Headless Horseman until you get up close to it.

The skyline just north of Millennium Park

I always look for an opportunity for a self portrait.

If you go check out Cloud Gate, You'll get a view similar to this. I think you can see yourself about 543 times (not that many) from the odd concave shape underneath.