Thursday, July 4, 2013

July the Fourth Be With You

Happy American Independence Day to all.

I used to be one of those guys who loved to shoot off fireworks. As I've gotten older, and money has become more important, I've turned my back on watching my cold hard cash turn into sparkles in my face. I shall once again, fourth year running, be making the trek to a prime viewing location to shoot pictures of fireworks at the Happiest Place on Earth, sometimes aka The Mouse House or its very under used name that probably not many people know of, Disneyland. There is no other company on the planet that can match the skill in fireworks of Disney.

Here are some basic tips for shooting pictures of fireworks

  • Make sure your flash is turned off, 
  • Your ISO needs to be set as low as possible, like ISO 100
  • Have a higher aperture, Try f11 or f16
  • Set the shutter speed to 1/2 or slower.
If you find that you are getting blurry pictures, you might want to bring use a monopod or a tripod. When looking for usable stands, most people make a mistake in thinking they need expensive equipment. A very inexpensive and light tripod will do everything you need.

Last but not least, Get there early and scout your zone. Composition is still an important factor.

Have Fun, and drive safe, and have a blast!

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