Monday, July 15, 2013

Test Roll From San Pedro

One of the benefits to living in a large metropolitan zone is that several iconic places are easily accessible. That can also be a downside unless you know how to properly utilize what you've got. I find these places as prime locations for testing out new equipment.

With my trip to New York looming, I was looking into getting a new film camera. One that was more accessible to my needs and allowed me to shoot faster while getting the results I was looking for, ie contrast. I really want a rangefinder, but there was no chance on my budget, so I settled with a Canon AE-1, a very prevalent camera to find.

One day I walked into my local camera shop to check out their large format cameras and to see if they had any deals with the classic cameras. Lo and behold, they had Rolleicord. A Rolleicord was the inexpensive version of the Rolleiflex, which was a popular camera used for press photography and has probably the best glass for a Twin Lens camera. The only difference between the Cord and the Flex was a slightly lower quality lense, the Cord only went to f3.5 instead of f2.8 of the Flex (one stop slower), and the Cord had a winding knob instead of the leaver. For me it's fairly insignificant since I can make the most out of what I have (As seen with my Holga shots Here and Here.)

After a lunch run to Mitsuwa Marketplace in Torrance, and a bowl of ramen at the ever so wonderful Santouka Ramen, I drove up Western to San Pedro and to the Korean Bell of Friendship and a slight detour to the loading docks for the cruise ships.Take a look.

The last two shots were on the butt end of the roll. The first is one of my friends at work and on the second is on the trail to the Bridge to Nowhere. In case you're wondering, the color stripe in the photos were scanning errors from my scanner. I have no clue what was going on that day because my last set of scans came out wonderful!