Monday, July 8, 2013

Fireworks Extravemaganza 2013

The Fourth of July is one of my top two favorite holidays every year. The main reason is probably the same reason most guys will give, Fireworks! I love me some controlled explosions put on by incredible technicians and outstanding choreographers. There is only a couple of places in the country that can offer that experience, one of them being a couple miles down the freeway from where I live, Disneyland.

This was my fourth year specifically watching the fireworks at Disneyland. My first two years were from the Brookhurst St/ Interstate 5 overpass. It has one CLEAR view, plus or minus some smog. Last year, I stood on the Ball Rd overpass directly behind Disneyland's office buildings. the view was incredible, but I saw myself wanting more.

This year, I perched myself on the top level of the Mickey and Friends parking structure. You can pay 15 buckaroos, or you can do what I did, I parked in the neighborhood and walked about five to ten minutes to the structure. I got there around 8:00 PM, and there were people already setting up camp. I walked about halfway down the structure as far away from everybody as I could. I setup my tripod and my camera and the rest is now history.

The only unfortunate part about watching the fireworks here is that you cannot hear the music track that plays to the fireworks. Not so important, but you do get a quite different experience. But if you don't like to be elbow to elbow, I wouldn't recommend it. That happens to be the busiest day of the year, or at least it was when I worked there.

Test shot to see how my night photography is.

Spot floodlights coming from Fantasmic.