Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independance Day, Don't Go Towards the Light!!

As many of you know, yesterday was Independance Day in America. Just a little known fact. Maybe a few of you  knew.

I always wondered what expats do when it comes to major holidays for their home countries. Does anybody go out and celebrate? Drunk and running starkers through the city square, hoping nobody saw? Well for all of my expat readers and for the non expats who want to see some fireworks, I have for you all Yashmat United's 4th of July Extravemaganza!!!!

Woo!! Oh yeah!! Timmy Time!! What the H?!

I took a long trip and a very short drive down the freeway to, still a little iffy, The Happiest Place on Earth, or to the masses, AKA Disneyland for their Annual Fireworks display. I'm an uber cheapo and have reluctantly waited to purchase a $600 annual pass so I opted for the sidewalk treatment. I was practically underneath them. As I glared into the heavens, while wiping away some rainman amazement drool, I happened to snap a couple of shots. 43 to be exact.

Here is the spot where I was able to capture my moments for the year.

I hope I have some good ones.