Monday, July 2, 2012

Choosing a 35mm Camera

Check out my most recent set of pictures from Venice Beach Here.

I found a good article on I Still Shoot Film talking about what to look for when you buy a 35mm film camera for people who are looking to get into film photography. Shooting a film camera has great benefits such as slowing you down/thinking critically, higher quality images (even still at 35mm), and being a hell of a great time to shoot.

Finding them are ridiculously easy. I bought both of my 35mm cameras on ebay. My old pentax K1000 I got  for 45 bucks but regularly go for 45-100 for a decent one, and my canon rebel for $20 practically brand new. I highly reccommend it to anybody who shoots pictures regularly. Even more so to my readers in Japan since film is still fairly easy to find and get developed.

I've also shot with a Nikon FM10 and a Canon AE-1 and those were great options as well.

You can check out the article here.

 My newest set of pictures will be out on Thursday morning.

Go out and shoot this Wednesday and have a great time not blowing up your hands with fireworks, and enjoy your 4th of July. I think i am going to Downtown Disney to get some Firework shots.