Sunday, July 29, 2012

California Adventure

This is Part 3 of my 3 part series from the Land of Disney.  To view parts one and two click here and here.

Now "most" people have been to Disneyland, but many still haven't seen Disney's California Adventure. I had the pleasure of working at both parks about 10 years ago and got to see it how it was originally made. Over the last five years or so the park has seen some major expansions starting with the A Bug's Land, a west coast version of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and finalizing most recently with Cars Land.

The park started off as a part of the day experience. Not really enough to grab a family for the day. But now, its a full fledged park and a pretty darn good one now too. And I liked it great back then too. Whenever you come out to visit the mouse house, I recommend visit across the entryway.

The following photos are from my adventures.

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