Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Annular not Annual

Sunday was an important event if you are an avid fan of astronomy. We had an annular eclipse that spanned from South Eastern Asia all the way to the Midwestern United States.  This was a first time occasion for me. So, like a retard, I stood outside looking right at the sun to see if I could see it with my naked eye, not to mention the few times I took a peek through my SLR lens. Eh... in the long run, it was more fun to watch than my personal health was worth so I took the risk.

Up above, I put together a little slideshow from the few pictures I managed to take after I got a bit smarter and set up my tripod. It wasn't really that dark, I just had my aperture stepped down to F32 which was the slowest I could go and my shutter speed was at 1/4000. I didn't have any special lenses or sunglasses so that was the best I could do. You can actually see the whole circle of the moon even though we didn't get the whole ring of fire apocalypse view here in LA.

What was your experience watching this eclipse and have you seen any better ones?

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