Monday, May 28, 2012

Staying on Topic/ Future Purchases

This week, I took a trip down to Long Beach, CA. I copied my pictures over to my computer and I made a big realization. I keep getting off topic. Well, in this case I never had a topic to begin with.

It's really frustrating when I look at my results and I don't seem to be getting what I was looking for. I think from now on I need to set goals or come with a list of places that I'm going to shoot and just go with those. And maybe I wont burn the hell out of my scalp from all the walking next time.

/end rant

In other news, in anticipation for my next semester at school, I'm thinking about picking up a sheet film camera. The main candidate seems to be the Graflex Crown Graphic. An incredibly versatile camera that has two different ways of focusing, ground glass + loupe and rangefinder. These large format cameras are fairly intimidating though. You have extra ways of focusing with the front slides and tilts and the lenses are ridiculously expensive. I'll post a how to on how to use this incredible camera when I pick one up closer to July.

I should have black and white chemicals by then, and I saw a great article on using Resin Coated (RC) paper instead of dishing out 35 bucks for 25 exposures of 4x5 film.

I'll be posting the spectacular shots from Long Beach on Wednesday.