Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Downtown Long Beach

Last Saturday I took a little stroll to Downtown Long Beach for a little photo session that ended up being a long time. I walked a total of seven miles and I burned the hell out of my balding head, face and arms. It was excruciatingly painful with nothing but a cold water shower to cool my skin. No fun.

I took the Metro Green and Blue lines which are always an exciting experience and I always have wierd stuff happen to me. Apparently my likeness has turned into the map of the entire Metro rail system. I got like three or four people asking for directions! I keep trying to look like I dont know what I'm doing but it never works.

Once I hit Long Beach I got off the Blue line and attempted to find the only places I'd been to, the lighthouse and the Vault 350. The Vault has been closed for at least a year or two, and seems to be under a remodel. I had a hell of a time trying to find it and ended walking about 5 blocks past it. The lighthouse on the otherhand was ridiculously easy to find. Its just a bit down Pine right next to The Aquarium of the Pacific and across the canal from The Queen Mary.

Unfortunatly, the only picture I got of the Queen Mary and a few of the other better looking buildings were all washed out and crappy looking so they werent included in the set above.

I think I will be back in a few weeks to check out Congregation Ale House.

If anybody is going to come to Southern California are, check out Queen Mary and The Aquarium of the Pacific. Really fun places, and the Queen Mary is supposedly haunted which would be even more fun.

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