Friday, May 25, 2012

Heritage Park

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I have a strong fascination with parks and nature centers found throughout dense city centers and highly populated areas. In this day and age, its getting harder and harder to find nice nature retreats and beautiful locations to relax. I think its even essential for children to discover these places so they know they can find somewhere to get in touch with nature and experience wildlife without having to worry about being mauled by bears, bobcats and mountain lions.

In this series, I will introduce parks, landscapes and just fun places all around that you and/or your kids can just escape the city life for even just one hour in a week.

This week, I traveled to Cerritos, CA to visit Heritage Park. An interesting place that has a Boston and a Revolutionary War theme. There are canons, a little town, a city hall, a mock warship, and big Paul Revere statue at the entrance. Its a very difficult place to capture on camera because it isnt a small place, but it isnt huge at the same time.

The little town is a couple of small buildings that are connected with stairs and walkways and slides. A little indoor mini playground with a foam floor for safety. The city hall has a huge slide going out the side of it that you can kind of see in one the pictures above. The rest of the park actually looks like a normal park, with a softball diamond and another playground on the side.

While there isn't too much nature, its one of those parks that you have to go out and see at least once. Its on Bloomfield, just south of the 91 freeway in Cerritos. Directly across the street from Cerritos High School.

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