Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slideshow Issues

Ever since I started this blog back in February one of the major issues I've been having on a consistent basis is how to share my pictures. I thought I fixed this problem when I started using Flickr and making slideshows on there, but I forgot about a big demographic, Mobile Users.

I just took care of that issue and have converted all of my older slideshows into HTML5 compatible slideshows so they are view able on all mobile devices like Iphones and Ipads.

Update: The whole point of this post was to mention the service I switched to for the slideshows. It's called SlideMyPic. There are a few different options it offers such as 3 different styles, background color and music sync. Plus all of my pictures are loaded from the same sets I made on Flickr so I don't have to upload to a completely different site. Pretty cool.

I have a new set of pictures that I took last week that are gonna be posted tomorrow morning

And I'm thinking of traveling to downtown Long Beach for my photo session this week.or somewhere in that direction.

In the meantime, Check out my photos on Flickr and DeviantArt