Monday, August 13, 2012

Las Vegas Part 3: Major Signage

One of my favorite places to see in Las Vegas is the downtown Freemont Street Experience. I've seen the show on the canopy several times. Incredible is the main word that comes to mind. With all of the LEDs and the wonderful sound system. But this time I saw something that I've never seen there before.

The promenade also moonlights as an outdoor museum with all of the major historic signs on display. Most people have seen the marquees of places like these:

But the better ones are a little further down. I only took these pictures because I thought the signs looked bad ass. I wasn't going for anything artistic. Well anyways... Here they are. 

These last two are modern signs but thought they looked great too.

All in all, this reminded me of driving around looking at christmas lights on the houses. My short attention span loves all of the bright colors and the flashing lights. I would recommend a quick stop by here to check out this snapshot of history that has now been forgotten. I would fairly appreciate if you checked out my other two series from my 4 day trip to Sin City here and here.

In the very near future I will start writing more how to guides and useful information on commonly used tools processes and some history of photography. And I have a set of pictures from Universal Citywalk that have been through my first cut and will be editing fairly soon.