Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Downtown: Fullerton Part 2

Please visit Part 1 if you haven't seen it yet.

I got some very nice comments from Part 1 that I would like to expand on a bit. I'm a frequent reader of photo expert Ken Rockwell. After reading and rereading some of his tutorials he kind of helped me into a few realizations that I'm thinking about expanding n later on this week or early next week.

I am a huge fan of saturated colors. I think it brings out the 3-D in a picture and it makes the image look less dull. I wish the sky and flowers came out on my camera how they are when I see them. But then again, there are times when I'm looking at the sky and I only see white and when I go to edit them, I add a slight vignette to the image and the blue just slaps me right in the face. Are the colors too saturated, or do you think that adds to the image? Maybe when I talk more about it I will put up some comparisons that I have from my last few shoots.

Now for some shameless and free plugging for a company I love.

Fairly soon, one of our local breweries, here in Orange County, Bootleggers Brewery, will be opening up their brand new tasting room in Fullerton. I walked past it the other night and it looks Amazing!! Its fairly ironic where they are located because they are right across the street from the police station. Whenever you plan on getting out here to So Cal or the next time you hit up Disneyland, you should look em up. There website is http://www.bootleggersbrewery.com/. Its good stuff yo!!

Here is the map for this set

Here is part 2 of this weeks set of pictures from Downtown Fullerton.

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