Monday, June 11, 2012

Where can you process your film?

Check out my latest photo entry from Downtown Fullerton

Unfortunately since the overabundance of digital photography the majority of shops have dropped developing film except for color negatives. You can't even drop off your black and whites off at Walmart or Walgreens anymore which is kinda stupid since black and white film is more abundant and shot more than color film.

I Still Shoot Film posted a detailed list of shops that process film in the US. These places will develop:

Standard Black and White
C41 aka Color Negative
E6 aka Transparency aka Color Positive aka Slide Film.

I would think they have options for scanning and throwing em on a CD or just develop the negatives and not print them.

You can check out the list of film labs Here.

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Part 2 from Fullerton tomorrow and my next set on Thursday.