Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trip of the Week Part 2: Uptown Whittier

If you haven't checked out Part 1 Click Here

Ever since school let out for the semester two weeks ago, I've been ridiculously bored. I'm trying to get out to more places to shoot, but I seem to only want to shoot buildings. Mostly nice looking ones. I get a few not nice looking ones too, which some were featured in Part 1.

I actually work near Uptown Whittier so it wasn't a killer drive. I prefer taking Public Transportation, but that wasn't a practical option, since I only had a five minute drive.

Uptown Whittier is a fairly big place and its only walk-able for part of it. I wasn't sure if I had to pay any parking meters or not, and I wasn't willing to drive around and park everywhere, so, I just parked on the main drag and hoofed it from there. I went and looked at a few of the houses in the residential area. There were very beautiful homes, but unfortunately, I was only able to catch one of them in the slide show. The others were being blocked by phone poles and trees and they didn't come out so hot.

The majority of the sights were clothing stores, a movie theater and several restaurants. I wasn't too impressed with what they had to do, but the buildings looked great.

There is a camera shop down there for anybody, who like me, likes to shoot film, or you can check out Freestyle Photo, whose warehouse is just about a mile or two away on Norwalk Blvd and Florence Ave.

I have no idea where I'm going to go for next week. Been thinking about Garden Grove, or maybe I should start my school series since I live near at least six colleges.