Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Quick Look Back at Spring

I've recently been working my images using Adobe Lightroom. I had heard people talking about how good a program it was and how fast it was to edit your pictures in it. I scoffed at them mostly because I shoot film. Why do I need a program that cheats for me? Now that I'm using it, I don't see an end in the foreseeable future. These are all pictures that were shot in Black and White film, scanned in at least at 1200dpi. Most of you casual readers have seen many of these, but I did throw in a couple of new ones, like the picture of my cat and the garden from Stone Brewery.

I have a set that I shot at Old Town Garden Grove last week that'll go up on Friday and I have two sets from Venice Beach that will go up next week.

You can check the Garden Grove pictures out a little early Here.