Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Downtown Disney

Back in the beginning of August, I was having a bad day. Mostly because I was bored out of my skull and had absolutely nothing to do. Even watching Game of Thrones was boring that day!! So I decided to hit the road and take a trip to a local spot that never fails to treat me well, Downtown Disney. It was a rediculously busy saturday and I had to park on the Simba lot on Katella. The good thing about parking over there is that you have to cross through the Disneyland Hotel to get to Downtown Disney.

To add another level of my boredness, I was feeling very un-artistic that day as well. I still managed to pull 13 nice pictures out of my ass. Out of about 30 or 40, that's a pretty damn good feat, for me at least. One last thing, a couple of them are just slightly out of focus because they were shot at night. Well here they are, and let me know what ya think.