Monday, October 29, 2012

What Being a Blogger is all About!

This weekend was one of my most busiest weekends in recent history. It seemed that I didn't get a wink of sleep from Wednesday night until Saturday. Most of the pressure was from shopping for a Halloween costume, from which I unfortunately report, was a bust again this year.

Here I am dressed up as my Broski, Zack Ryder. They didn't have the sunglasses though.

Well, now that the big ol Halloween celemebrations are over, I got to do one of the greatest things for a blogger, meet up with a fellow blogger. Susie over at Relentless Writings, aka Xanaxjunkie, and I met up at Karl Strauss in Costa Mesa. It was exciting for me because I have chatted with many people on the net over the years, across the country and the world, and I've only met a few of them.

The best part is to actually put a face and a voice to somebody you've been talking to for months and month. Every time I read her site now, It'll make more sense XD.

I hope to meet more of you guys in the future. I'm hoping to make it to Japan in the next year or so.

Pardon the ramblings

Here is a picture of me and susie, btw. That asian guy in the background was pretty weird sitting there and writing on his napkin.