Saturday, October 6, 2012

Live blog from the road

I'm sitting here over at the Norwalk green line station and was thinking what better way to spend my day than to have a live picture blog. Here is the entrance to the station here

Updated 10:30 am
Picture 2 the road to long beach. Too bad I'm going the other way

Updated 10:45
Watts towers station off the blue line is picture #3

Updated 11:29
I decided last second to jump off the train to go shoot in one of my favorite spots. This time in color. Picture #4 LA City Hall

Updated 12:08 pm
My last shot from downtown before I hit an internet free zone in the subway. Picture #5

Updated 1:19 pm
Jumped on the gold line. It seems to be where all the nice stops are. Picture #6 del mar gold line crossing in Pasadena

Updated 1:40
I seemed to hit jackpot when I got off at del mar. Currently at memorial park in Pasadena, Picture #7

Final Update 6:45 PM

All in all, I accomplished what I set out to do for the day. I had a couple of minor detours that I had to take, but my first part of research went as planned. Next time, I don't think there will be as many distractions since I will be going in a different direction from today. Hey this was kind of fun. Maybe I will do it again, since my phone was able to handle it. I have a picture set ready to go either tomorrow or Monday. Thanks for stopping by.

Final Final Update, The Next day.

I just realized I posted the best picture of the day on to my facebook and not here. So here it is.