Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super Special Halloween Edition

Hey, Everybody! I hope you all have a safe holiday. Watch out for them little bastard kids when you go out driving tonight, and stay away from the alchyhols, unless you are drinking from the comfort of your own couch.

Now lets get down to business. Last Wednesday, I took another stroll down Main Street. Now this is the REAL Main Street. Not that fake topic that is always brought up by those stupid politicians. Main  Street USA at the Happiest place on Earth. Every year the park is decorated for this special holiday. In addition to the Nightmare Before Christmast taking over the Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain was setup for the festivities. If you ever can get down here for it over the next few years, I suggest you do. Well, here are this weeks pictures.

Next I went and checked out the improvements made on this last refurbishment of the Matterhorn Bobsleds. This was the only good that came of it:

And the last place I went to check out was over at California Adventure. The first picture were bubbles from what seemed to be a pixar themed parade. If you go see this parade, make sure you sit FAR away because the floats shoot water at people. The rest are from my long wait in the Cars Land: Radiator Springs Racers.

Well, what do you all think? Drop me a line in the comments section below. Much Appreciated. Hopefully I will stop being lazy and write something up this week. Have a fun holiday!

Monday, October 29, 2012

What Being a Blogger is all About!

This weekend was one of my most busiest weekends in recent history. It seemed that I didn't get a wink of sleep from Wednesday night until Saturday. Most of the pressure was from shopping for a Halloween costume, from which I unfortunately report, was a bust again this year.

Here I am dressed up as my Broski, Zack Ryder. They didn't have the sunglasses though.

Well, now that the big ol Halloween celemebrations are over, I got to do one of the greatest things for a blogger, meet up with a fellow blogger. Susie over at Relentless Writings, aka Xanaxjunkie, and I met up at Karl Strauss in Costa Mesa. It was exciting for me because I have chatted with many people on the net over the years, across the country and the world, and I've only met a few of them.

The best part is to actually put a face and a voice to somebody you've been talking to for months and month. Every time I read her site now, It'll make more sense XD.

I hope to meet more of you guys in the future. I'm hoping to make it to Japan in the next year or so.

Pardon the ramblings

Here is a picture of me and susie, btw. That asian guy in the background was pretty weird sitting there and writing on his napkin.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Retiring Cameras

After several months of sitting on the shelf, I went to take my Yashica Mat, the one this site is named for, out for a spin to test shoot some color film. When I went to test all of the features, the shutter button stuck in and wouldn't release. Since I was able to fix the shutter the first time, I thought I might be able to do it again. I opened it up, as you can see below, and discovered that several of the gear functions were frozen and wouldn't work. So, I have since retired this guy and put it to rest on the shelf. In pieces still.

Moral of the story? You pay for what you get on Ebay. I spent only $50 bucks for this guy, but I got several shoots and that is all that matters to me. Time to get another camera!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Zombie Stats

I wish there was a way to get rid of these damn zombie spiders crawling my site. They are ridiculously annoying and don't help me figure out my proper numbers. Its the whole reason why I use 3 different stat keeping services. Blah!!!

Update 10/23/2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fullerton Arboretum

Well.... Another weekend, another day bored. I had been wanting to hit up the Cal State Fullerton Arboretum for the last month. When I went there the last time, all I had was my black and white film and my SLR. This time around, it was a bit harder finding anything to take pictures of, but I was able to find a few things.

The last shot with the dragonfly is one that I've been wanting to take for awhile now. Ever since, I'd seen the awesome shot that JayDee, over at the blog Jay Dee in Japan, took of an incredible looking red dragonfly. For some reason, those are probably  my favorite wild animal/insect ever.

Next weeks pictures are going to be from a roll of film that took me months and months to shoot, so it should be interesting since I have no clue what is on it except for the last 3 pictures. Thanks for checking out my pictures!! :-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Downtown Disney

Back in the beginning of August, I was having a bad day. Mostly because I was bored out of my skull and had absolutely nothing to do. Even watching Game of Thrones was boring that day!! So I decided to hit the road and take a trip to a local spot that never fails to treat me well, Downtown Disney. It was a rediculously busy saturday and I had to park on the Simba lot on Katella. The good thing about parking over there is that you have to cross through the Disneyland Hotel to get to Downtown Disney.

To add another level of my boredness, I was feeling very un-artistic that day as well. I still managed to pull 13 nice pictures out of my ass. Out of about 30 or 40, that's a pretty damn good feat, for me at least. One last thing, a couple of them are just slightly out of focus because they were shot at night. Well here they are, and let me know what ya think.